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Medicinal packaging use aluminum foil price

Medicinal packaging use aluminum foil price

Medicinal packaging use aluminum foil is a kind of thickness between 0.018 mm to 0.10 mm aluminum foil products, a state has a state O (soft) and H18 (hard), usually used in blister packaging and sealing of drug packaging, such as the capsule of the class is blister packaging, some version of the capsule in a sealed bag is sealed packaging, medicinal aluminum foil can be used in the medicine bottle pincer-like device.

Medicinal packaging use aluminum foil feature

Blister packaging is a packaging method that seals drugs and other products in the bubble shape formed by transparent plastic film and the bottom plate. Blister packaging is not only used in the packaging of drugs, but also in the packaging of food, cosmetics, toys, gifts, etc. Blister packaging has the following characteristics:moistureproofGood protectiveTransparent and intuitiveEasy to useLight weight the alu foii with good quality,and our price is comptitive.We are worthy for you to choose.The machine we use is the newest,all is from the brand of Mingtai.During production,workers check carefully about the machine and watch over the process of making aluminium foil.so that to reduce the joints of aluminium foil rolls.
Medicinal packaging use aluminum foil

Medicinal packaging use aluminum foil manufacturer

The continuous development of enterprises, a breakthrough innovation. And the adoption of professional standards to organize production, through the FDA testing, and also passed the ISO9001: 2008, ISO 9001: 2004, ISO 14001, CE and SGS certification. The use of scientific managerment, replying on advanced equipment and technology to ensure product quality, prompt delivery, highly competitive prices in the industry, welcome letter from the majority of domestic and foreign businessmen, calls to consult, meanwhile, we sincerely look forward to your visits to factories to negotiate.

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