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Laminate Aluminum Foil

Laminate Aluminum Foil

laminate aluminum foil roll is resistant to water and a number of chemical components. Opaque, the adhesive foil lamination process is ideal for foils employed to protect sensitive materials from light.

Laminate Aluminum Foil Spec

Type Laminated Aluminium Foil
Application To be used for food packaging/cigarette packaging after lamination
Aluminum alloy 1235 8011 8079 1200
Temper Soft O
Thickness 0.0055MM-0.03MM
Width 200MM-1600MM
Size customized
Surface One side bright, one side matt
Packing Free Fumigated wooden box

Laminate Aluminum Foil
Furthermore, superior flavor preservation and extended shelf life make laminated aluminum foil flexible packages a popular choice in the food production industry. Laminated foils are also desired for their heat resistance properties that laminated papers and films may lack.
Food Preparation: laminate aluminum foil is “dual-ovenable” and can be used in both convection and fan-assisted ovens. A popular use of foil is to cover thinner sections of poultry and meat to prevent overcooking. The USDA also provides recommendations on limited uses of aluminum foil in microwave ovens.

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