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Heat Seal Laminated Aluminium Foil Jumbo Roll

Heat Seal Laminated Aluminium Foil Jumbo Roll

The Laminated Aluminium Foil produced by our company is widely used in:Meat products, instant food, chemical powder, granule, electronic product, aerospace science and technology, military product, soup, beverage, medicine seed and other products. The utility model has the advantages of high sealing strength, good barrier property to ultraviolet ray, oxygen, water vapor, taste, etc..

Heat seal laminated aluminium foil

Laminated aluminium foil usually referred to as double zero foil .This foil can be laminated with paper or other materials to make the packaging of tobacco and food. Aluminum foil can effectively block moisture, oxygen, bacteria and etc. So the foil has the property of heat conductivity, impermeability, hygiene, non-toxicity and corrosion resistance. All these features of foil make it’s not only suit for kitchens but also used for other various industries also. The most important is that it is environment-friendly and recyclable.
Laminated Aluminium Foil

Laminated Aluminium Foil advantage:

1.Excellent adhesive strength and Low heat shrinkage and good tensile strength
2.Excellent uniformity of Aluminum coating
3.Heat reflection, anti-radiation, heat insulation anti-vibration,Water proof, heat insulation, moisture barrier, sun-proof.
4. Environmentally-friendly
5. Good barrier property to against air, moisture &puncture.
6. Suitable for automatic packaging and food packaging, efficient to keep food flavor.

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