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free samples Aluminum foil 14 micron roll price

free samples Aluminum foil 14 micron roll price

Aluminum foil 14 micron roll material is a high quality material which has the characteristics of waterproof , anti-oil , anti-light , thermal , insulation and other functions , recyclable and environmentally friendly . Because of aluminum foil  unique combination of properties , which is widely used in food packaging , medical packaging , aerospace , electronics , machinery ,construction decoration and other fields .

Aluminum foil 14 micron roll material Feature:

1, Reflective, good heat-sealing,super barrier-oxygen,
2,Excellent tear-resistance & puncture resistance & higher tensile strength.
3,Clean,thin,light weight, good flexibility;
4,Waterproof, moistureproof, environmentally friendly
Aluminum foil 14 micron roll

Aluminum foil 14 micron roll material Usage:

1, to be made Car cover to reflect sunshine; Sunshades,Beach mat,Car or Bus cushion, Reflecting mirror;
2,to pack Medical and Sanitary articles, Food for heat retaining, medical & sanitary
3, to be made Clothes, suit and garment cover, industrial protective coveralls, garment accessory materials;
4, to be used in Industry & Agriculture, such as industrial applications, liners for furniture, the agricultural plant covers;
5, to be laminated Woven Fabric,EPE Foam,Bubble…used in Construction,such as roof waterproof material;
6, to be used in Daily-used products, disposable items for medical and family and hotel consume articles, bed articles;
7, to be made Packing material, shopping bags & Wrapper.

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