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The characteristics of aluminum foil packaging

The characteristics of aluminum foil packaging

Aluminum foil is made of 99.0% -99.7% pure electrolytic aluminum, after several rolling in the system, this soft metal film, not only moisture, airtight, shading, but also with fragrance, non-toxic and tasteless advantages, such advantages Is the existing any other packaging materials are incomparable. This is a practical side of the aluminum foil, it is a gorgeous side of its elegant silver-white luster, people can give full play to the imagination, in the above printed with their own characteristics, colorful beautiful patterns and patterns.
It is because of the super practical and colorful, aluminum foil packaging is more and more people of all ages, unlimited market space.
aluminum foil packaging
Aluminum foil with a shiny metallic luster, decorative strong; non-toxic, tasteless, odorless; relatively light weight, the proportion is only one-third of iron, copper, rich extensibility, thin thickness, per unit area Low temperature; low temperature and stable temperature, the temperature at -73 ~ 371 ℃ when not up and down deformation; the same time, Excellent barrier, moisture, airtight, fragrant, to prevent the contents of the packaging of moisture absorption, oxidation and volatile deterioration, its resistance to moisture, oxygen resistance. Aluminum foil is easy to process, with a variety of plastic film and paper composite.
Aluminum foil shortcomings: low strength, easy to tear, can not be used alone for packaging products. Folding easily broken, resulting in holes, impatient acid.
Fast arriver company supplies the most extensive aluminum sheet, aluminum plate,aluminum coil, aluminum foil, aluminum stripe.
Our main products are 1000 Series, 3000 Series, 5000 Series, 6000 Series, 8000 series of alloy grades.
In addition, we provide a complete suite of aluminum processing services that includes mill finish, colored, embossed, brushed, mirrored, etc.

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