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Aluminum Foil Large Rolls 1235 8079

Aluminum Foil Large Rolls 1235 8079

Mingtai aluminum supply high quality aluminum foil large rolls 1235 8079 8011  applied in packaging, household, electrical, air conditioning and construction industry. Alu coil jumbo rolls classification can be divided into packaging coil, commodity coil, electrical equipment coil and construction coil according to the type of use.
Air-conditioning alu coil is a particularly material for manufacturing heat exchanger fins for air conditioners, and the thickness of the air-conditioning foil is 0.1 mm to 0.15 mm.
lamination aluminum foil can be laminated with paper or other materials to make the packaging of tobacco and food.

aluminum foil large rolls 1235 8079 8011 packaging

1,Free fumigated wooden box
2,Can better preserve the foil from damage during transportation
3,mainly delievery port is Qingdao or tianjin.
Aluminum Foil Large Rolls 1235 8079
4,Mingtai aluminum could customized the packaging according to aluminum foil specification, Try our best to meet your maximum container loading ,Avoid extra transportation costs. So that could Strive for greater profit margins for you.
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