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Aluminum Foil Coil EN573-3 3003 O Aluminum Fin Stock For Heat Exchangers

Aluminum Foil Coil EN573-3 3003 O Aluminum Fin Stock For Heat Exchangers

Description for 3003 O Aluminum Fin Stock
3003 Aluminum is alloyed with 1.20% manganese, which increases the strength of 3003 over commercially pure aluminum (1100 series). 3003 has excellent workability, weldability, and good corrosion resistance. It is used for drawing, forming, spinning, fuel tanks, sheet metal works and other applications that require moderate strength for an aluminum with good weldability.3003 aluminum foil stock is most powerful alloy for anti-corrosion of air conditioner, 3003 is highly resistant to weathering, even in industrial atmospheres that offer corrode other metals. It is also corrosion resistant to many acids. 3003 have better anti-corrosion performance than other fin stock alloys.

3003 O Aluminum Fin Stock price from factory

For air conditioner, refrigerator condenser and evaporator fins production coated aluminum foil/ fin stock is mainly used for the fins production of heat exchanger, such as air conditioner condenser & evaporator, no frost evaporator/fin type evaporator of refrigerator, commercial refrigerator condenser & evaporator, car air conditioner condenser & evaporator etc.
3003 O Aluminum Fin Stock

Company introduction for 3003 O aluminum foil supplier

Mingtai Aluminum is located in the ‘Chinese TOP aluminum products manufacturering base’—Huiguo Town, Henan Province, China.
As a professional aluminum manufacturer, we mainly produce 1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx and 8xxx aluminum alloy sheet, coil, strip and foils. We can also provide slitting and cutting service. Precision equipment provides high quality products, advanced management provides professional service.
We have ISO9001 -2000 Quality Management System Certificate & ISO9001 – 2015 Quality Management System Certificate.
Our aim is to produce high quality products and cooperate with our customers for mutual benefit.
Welcome to buy the en573-3 3003 o aluminum foil fin stock with our factory. We are one of the golden aluminum manufacturers and suppliers in China, providing you with online shopping service. Please be free to enjoy our low price and good service.

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