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8079 O Medicine Aluminum Foil

8079 O Medicine Aluminum Foil

It turns out that 8079 O Medicine Aluminum Foil has a relatively high molecular density, which can isolate water vapor, block light, and have good airtightness. Many of the medicines we usually take are more afraid of moisture, such as capsules, effervescent tablets, and film-coated tablets. Once these medicines become damp, It may even deteriorate and become moldy.

8079 O Medicine Aluminum Foil Manufacturer

Some medicines are particularly afraid of oxidation, such as aspirin, levofloxacin and other medicines, once they are oxidized, their properties will decrease. The high barrier properties of alu foil can preserve the medicine from moisture and oxidation.
8079 O Medicine Aluminum Foil
In addition, the alu foil itself is relatively smooth, and it is not easy to carry bacteria, thereby protecting the hygiene of the medicine to a certain extent.

8079 O Medicine Aluminum Foil Packaging

1,Free fumigated woodenbox,
2,Each wooden box weight 0.5MT-1MT,upto customer’s request.
3,one 20GP can load about18-23MT.one 40ft can hold around 20tons to 24tons
4,It can better preserve the foil from damage during transportation.
5,mainly port is Qingdao or tianjin.,

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