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8011/8021/8079 aluminium foil for food packaging

8011/8021/8079 aluminium foil for food packaging

Aluminium foil for food packaging is really wide. Butter, chocolates, candy are all wrapped in aluminium foil paper. This paper is actually kind of composite material made of aluminium foil and paper. Then there is an outer layer of paper or plastic as packaging materials. To children the extra layer of aluminum foil only makes opening work more difficult, and most of them don’t like this, although they maybe fascinated with its flashiness. To adults the inner wrapping paper on chocolates and candies indicates brand and luxury, since most of them weren’t lucky enough to enjoy these fine foods in their childhood. Yet to the food industry the application of aluminium foil is a great step forward, for it helps to reduce cost substantially by extending food’s shelf life.
aluminium foil for food packaging

8011/8021/8079 aluminium foil for food packaging cost

Take chocolates packaging for example, the most important aluminium foil uses in food wrapping. If you have experience of keeping a chocolate bar in your pocket for hours in hot summer, you will find the bar melts easily. The fact is, food like chocolates is invulnerable to moisture, high temperature and bacteria. Soft and insulating, aluminium foil keeps these negative factors away from wrapped food. No moisture or alien materials are able to break through its line of defense to damage food inside. The foil is nontoxic, too. It withstands high temperature without melting, neither giving off nor generating toxic materials. In addition, aluminium foil cost is much lower than traditional tin foil. All these make aluminium foil uses wider and wider in food packaging industry.
The alloys for food packaging aluminium foil include 8011, 8021, 8079, 1235 and 1070 etc. The thickness ranges from 0.019mm to 0.2mm. Haomei supplies industrial aluminium foil of all regular specifications, but we don’t supply finished composite or printed foil. If you are in search of raw materials for food packaging, welcome to contact us!

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