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1235-O Flexible Packages Aluminum Foils

1235-O Flexible Packages Aluminum Foils

Type:1235-O Flexible Packages Aluminum Foils
Application:To be used for food packaging/Chocolate packaging/Cigarette packaging after lamination.
Alloy:8011 8079 1235 1200
Surface:One side bright,one side matt.
Packaging:Free Fumigated wooden box.
Food alufoil, a flattened metal aluminum tool, can be used for cooking in the kitchen, to hold food, or to make some simple cleaning materials.
The 1235-O Flexible Packages Aluminum Foils on the market, generally can be another hot, storage resistant. Most of the alufoil used in food processing is shiny on one side and gray on the other. Alufoil used for food can be wrapped on both sides. It is usually recommended to wrap the food in a bright surface to improve the heat conduction effect.
Why food packaging bags with alufoil material, this is because the metal aluminium by oxygen oxidation, the metal surface to form a layer of dense oxide Al2O3 protective film, prevent oxygen to keep metal aluminum oxide, made of alufoil bag, of course, take advantage of the dense layer of protective film can be very good isolation from the outside air into the bag inside, have the effect of prevent food is the oxidation
1235-O Flexible Packages Aluminum Foils
On the other hand, alufoil has good ductility, excellent barrier properties, strong corrosion resistance and good printing adaptability. Rather than preventing food from reacting with oxygen.
Alufoil is used in food packaging, is a good barrier of alufoil, alufoil oxygen transmission rate is very low, can effectively block the air easy to make food spoiled gas, such as oxygen. Moreover, the alufoil is opaque and has a good shading property, preventing some foods from changing color or deteriorating due to light. The corrosion resistance of the alufoil itself is extremely poor, and it is easy to be corroded by acidic or alkaline substances.

1235-O Flexible Packages Aluminum Foils Packing Details:

⒉Each wooden box weight from 0.5MT-1MT,upto customer’s request.
⒊Normally loaded by 20GP,1*20GP can load about 20-24MT.

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