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1235/8079 O Aluminum Foil Jumbo Roll

1235/8079 O Aluminum Foil Jumbo Roll

Chocolate is fermented with cocoa beans, fried and baked, squeezed out cocoa butter, and then added milk powder, sugar, stirring and solidification. Compared with other vegetable oils, cocoa butter is easier to absorb odor. If the remaining part of chocolate is not wrapped well, it will be contaminated with the miscellaneous flavor of other food. Wrapping with 1235/8079 O Aluminum Foil Jumbo Roll can prevent the odor from escaping.

1235/8079 O Aluminum Foil Jumbo Roll price from china factory

At the same time, alu foil also has the function of heat insulation to prevent melting deterioration. Sometimes the surface of chocolate will adhere to a layer of white frost, which is caused by the effect of lipid frost. When heated above 28 ℃, cocoa butter often precipitates from the inside and solidifies on the surface of candy. However, it is harmless to human body and does not affect the original taste of chocolate.
1235/8079 O Aluminum Foil Jumbo Roll
Due to the dense metal layer of alu foil gives its packaging a strong barrier, regardless of light, oxygen and water vapor, have Great insulation effect.
Therefore, packaging with alu foil not only can prevent the oxidation of chocolate, but also help to send out the heat of hands and reduce the possibility of chocolate being dissolved.

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1235 -O laminated alu foil is not less than 99.35% alu foil. Because of its excellent rust resistance, formability and compatibility, it is widely used in cable, tape and battery foil.Alloy 8079 alu foil is an AL-Li series with high strength, elongation and pressure properties.
8011 alu foil is widely applied in different fields. For example, alu foil containers are the best packaging solutions in nowadays market. Alu containers can not only keep the food fresh, but also help protect the food from bacteria. Alu can completely cut off light, gas and moisture, so that it is suitable for packaging solutions like food, drink, medicines and technical applications.

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